System Electronics is using IMPT solution inside our latest ceramic printer. Selection of IMPT product for this printer enabled us to make smooth product release and accelerate its time to market. Unique features of the product, which cannot be easily matched by competitors’ solutions, helped us to produce innovative and distinct printer for this demanding industrial market.

The IMPT provided ready-to-boot Linux BSP covering all supported hardware features of the product, which enabled us to focus on the development of our printer’s added value features, rather than spending time on getting the hardware to run. Instant reaction of IMPT support team to our requests helped us to reduce product development cycle and made us fully confident in quality of the product.

Our supplier IMPT was fully committed to the success of our printer. Every issue that was brought up during the development was addressed with team spirit, carefulness and the passion to solve it, allowing the development to continue without delay.

 Alessandro Benassi, R&D director at System Electronics

Mike Schoonover (Industrial business development manager, OMAP platform business unit, Texas Instruments, USA)

We are proud to work with IMPT to bring the OMAP 5 processor-based EPP-Pico-OMAP5430 module to market, and to also help advance the Pico-ITX standard in the industrial space. Together with IMPT, we see great promise for the Pico-ITX standard in enabling next-generation intelligent cameras, smart-home devices and other applications that demand small but mighty motherboards. Based on a dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 architecture, OMAP 5 processor delivers the optimal balance of high performance and low power that these markets demand.

Uros Tomanovic (General Manager, Advanced Control Systems, Belgrade)

Advanced Control Systems (ACS) Ltd. is the leading regional provider of technology solutions for relay protection and substation automation in electric power utilities. In the year 2009 we were faced with a challenge to develop a high-performance multi-channel power electronic controller for Russian market. The plan was to design and manufacture modular state-of-the-art DSP controller with a capability to drive up to 250 digital 10 Mbps optical input/output channels and up to 128 analog capture channels.

In order to do this development in most efficient manner, we turned to our long-term development partner, IMPT. Their expertise proved to be essential for making our product to stand-out from competitor’s solutions. IMPT took crucial role in defining system architecture and developed the hart of the system: FPGA-based 6.4 Gbps packet-switched communication backbone between DSP and interface boards. Moreover, they took full responsibility of project management and prototyping.

In the last one and a half year in which our teams were cooperating on this project we spent a large amount of time working together. We can fairly say that IMPT’s design team proved to be very competent, highly professional and devoted to their work. The cooperation with IMPT was a professional and personal pleasure.

Nebojsa Matic (General Manager, MikroElektronika, Belgrade)

Our company, MikroElektronika, produces and distributes development tools and compilers to clients in more than 30 countries worldwide.  Thus we’re always looking for new, innovative solutions that could be interesting for our customers.

When IMPT came up with the idea to jointly develop an Android based development platform I immediately agreed that it is a great idea on which our two companies should cooperate. We immediately perceived the Android based development platform as an innovative solution that will further push the state-of-the-art and enlarge MikroElektronika’s portfolio. Moreover, besides the obvious technological know-how of IMPT, I also knew from former projects and from the ICT-NET cluster in which both of our companies are members that they are a reliable partner with outstanding expertise and excellent solutions in their business field.

From the beginning of this project I was convinced that this cooperation will enable synergy effects because of IMPT’s long-term experience in embedded systems development and MikroElektronika’s familiarity with the market for development platforms. My initial feeling proved to be right, as we successfully developed this demanding product.

I am looking forward to get more innovative solutions from IMPT and to cooperate with them on future projects.

Lars Svenkerud (Norbris Technology AS, Norway)

Norbris Technology has extensive experience in developing concepts and products for demanding customers in the Nordic countries. Our development projects often involve a third party. We have worked with IMPT the past year to develop a Proximity Integrated Circuit Card with on-card fingerprint recognition. The card has very stringent power and timing requirements since the power is transmitted wirelessly from a battery-operated lock. IMP-Telecommunication has solved design tasks very effective with excellent results. We find them to be very competent, resourceful, friendly and flexible. The tasks performed are multi-disciplinary involving among others algorithm development for fingerprint recognition, DSP programming, power circuits design, antenna design and Near Field Communication design. Moreover, IMPT has shown real commitment to the project goals that is rare to find, and much appreciated both by us and our customers. We also appreciate the way they have been able to meet our commercial needs. We will continue to work with IMPT, and can only give them our highest recommendation.

Bozidar Ciric (Chief of SCADA Department, ICT Department, EDB, Belgrade)

Being one of the biggest electricity distributors in the Serbian power utility system, we are responsible for providing electricity to more than half a million households. We put effort every day to ensure system stability and to avoid any kind of failures. Since we need constant monitoring of the system states, the video wall is the backbone of our control room. We have decided to implement OmniSight and it turned to be a really innovative and well-conceived solution. It helps us to coordinate information from SCADA systems and other servers, and also to react to potential problems more faster.

We are pleased to have been working with IMPT. It’s a company following international standards and offering products of highest quality and reliability. Moreover, they provide outstanding support in case of any help needed.

Jan Scholz (Owner, TagOn Ltd., Halstead, UK)

As an owner of a high-tech startup company aiming to provide innovative optoelectronic solutions, I found IMPT as reliable and  competent design service partner. Their flexibility regarding business model proved to be essential for successful development of our latest product - uSFP 10 Gbps optical transceiver. We quickly made an agreement on joint development, where the IMPT found its interest in being Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for the device, while TagOn was retaining worldwide distribution rights.

As our goal in this project was to design and manufacture the world smallest 10 Gbps hot-swappable transceiver, IMPT's expertise in mechanical desing and high-speed/microwave design was essential. Clever usage of rigid-flex PCB technology, selection of materials, and choice of innovative connector design made this device design possible, despite very tough requirements.