IMPT launches new Pico-ITX solution based on TI’s OMAP™ 5 platform

Concurrent with the start of Electronica 2012, IMPT today introduced its latest product under the Embedded++ trademark. The industry-standard Pico-ITX module – named the EPP-Pico-OMAP5430 – is based on latest OMAP™ 5 platform from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), and offers the following benefits:

•    High-performance, dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A15 foundation
•    Compact form factor: 100 x 72 mm
•    Low power consumption
•    Multi-channel HD video processing
•    Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, GNSS, Bluetooth®, Bluetooth v4.0 and FM technologies)
•    Battery charger for portable applications
•    Linux and Android 4.1 BSP
•    Software compatibility with open source PandaBoard platform

Target applications for the new EPP-Pico-OMAP5430 module include: intelligent cameras, instrumentation, set-top boxes, digital signage, HMIs, kiosks, gaming and gesture-control devices. Further information about the product can be found at:

The EPP-Pico-OMAP5430 module will be presented for the first time at Electronica 2012, at TI’s booth (Hall 4, Booth 420). The IMPT sales team will also be at Electronica 2012, and available for customer meetings. If you would like to gather more information about Embedded++ products and development services at the show, please contact Milos Milutinovic at +381 63 291 523 or

“We are proud to work with IMPT to bring the OMAP 5 processor-based EPP-Pico-OMAP5430 module to market, and to also help advance the Pico-ITX standard in the industrial space,” said Mike Schoonover, industrial business development manager, OMAP platform business unit, TI. “Together with IMPT, we see great promise for the Pico-ITX standard in enabling next-generation intelligent cameras, smart-home devices and other applications that demand small but mighty motherboards. Based on a dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 architecture, OMAP 5 processor delivers the optimal balance of high performance and low power that these markets demand.”