TI DaVinci DM8168 Qseven Module



Highly integrated ARM+DSP processing platform with Full HD video decoding/encoding capabilities.

EPP-Q7-DM8168 COM module brings the power of DSP along with the multi-channel HD video capability in the Qseven™ arena. With its unique combination ARM Cortex A8 CPU, high-performance C674x DSP core, 3D graphics engine and three enhanced HD vide coprocessors, this COM module enables applications like industrial imaging and medical instrumentation to benefit from usage of industry standard computer-on-module board with rich set of PC interfaces.

Software support for the module includes full Linux SDK based on TI EZSDK 5.05.02, TI DSP libraries, code optimization to run on DSP (C6EZRun) and TI DVR-RDK multi-channel video processing framework.





  • High-performance Cortex A8 platform
  • Cutting edge DSP capability
  • Triple-channel HD video co-processors
  • 3D graphics engine (SGX530)
  • Versatile set of interfaces
  • Dual display support

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Target applications:
  • High-end Test and Measurement
  • Machine/Industrial Vision
  • Biological Vision
  • Tracking and control
  • Milti-channel full HD video Encode/Decode, Transcode/Transrate