Automated Test System for TZ-600 device

Automated test system for TZ-600 device
Developed for our company for in-house testing purposes.

TZ-600 is a multiplex equipment for the transmission of teleprotection signals in high-voltage transmission line systems. A basic criterion for the design of this equipment was to implement the highest level of reliability. As the equipment features four modules it was a challenge to design a test system which is capable of testing all four modules by using a single test bed.

IMPT succeeded in developing a test system which allows the testing of all four modules within a single system. As for the STOS device the test system is also based on National Instruments’ PXI platform and the software was implemented in LabVIEW. The automated testing software was designed to enable short/open circuit tests, voltage tests and clock sources tests. Test software operation is based on execution of test scripts which are easily defined via graphical interface. The test system was successfully applied at the production of the TZ-600 equipment, thereby succeeding to test 500 units within one week and leading to a significantly decreased testing time compared to manual testing which could have lasted for months. Moreover, the developed automated test system helped to improve the test quality, enhanced the test reliability and eliminated human errors.