Custom Development Project

Customer: Finsoft Limited, London, UK

Project completed in 2008


In the following the development of a high-tech electronic device done in behalf of Finsoft limited ( is presented. Finsoft is a UK company based in London, now a part of GTECH Group ( from USA.

STOS DVA is the successor of STOS 3XGA. The STOS 3XGA device is an Ethernet thin client having three independent video outputs suitable for use in digital signage and similar applications where there is a need to display graphical information on large number of screens. This solution has low price per channel and attained best price/performance ratio on the market at the time of development. The device itself is based on state-of-the-art video DSP processor running at 600 MHz. It employs latest technologies in electronics development and production.

The STOS 3XGA device was designed and developed from scratch in just six months. The process included analysis of the requirements, development of device architecture, detailed design and development of hardware and software, optimization regarding to price and technology, prototype development and testing. Well established quality control procedures were enforced during the entire design cycle, resulting in single development cycle and high-quality product. Final testing of the device included EMC tests which demonstrated conformance to European standards.

Finsoft was very satisfied with IMP-Telecommunications’ performance on this development project. IMP-Telecommunications proven expertise, technical excellence and availability of high-tech assets led to Finsoft’s decision to offer a manufacturing agreement between our two companies.

In just four months IMP-Telecommunications redesigned 3XGA device, optimized it for price and manufacturability, devised specific automated test procedures and established production line in its premises. The production was done by applying highest quality control standards in test procedures and manufacturing environment. Relevant European norms for electronic equipment were applied during design and manufacturing process. The 3XGA device holds both CE mark and RoHS compliance mark.

The cooperation between GTECH (formerly Finsoft Ltd.) and IMPT continues. After the signing of a new manufacturing contract in May 2010, a new batch of STOS devices was produced and delivered to GTECH in London. The production of the first batch of the STOS DVA device, which is the successor of the STOS 3XGA device, was successfully finished in January 2011.

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