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Automated Test Systems

Our automated test system development services include:

  • Development of automated test systems for electronic manufacturing
  • Consultancy services
  • Design for testability
  • Production management  

Automated testing is an important part of the quality management system within the electronic manufacturing process. Compared to manual testing automated testing enables:

  • Assurance of high product quality and repeatability
  • Reduction of test time per device
  • Reduction of overall production cost
  • Reduction of operator engagement and fatigue
  • Reduction of operator cost (no need for highly skilled workers)
  • Reduction of space needed for production
  • Automated reporting
  • Generation of database with test results     

As an embedded systems design house with more then 20 years experience in embedded systems design and 5 years experience in the development of automated test solutions for our own products and for clients and by maintaining a strategic partnership with National Instruments (NI), IMPT constitutes a competent and recognized partner for automated test systems development



Automated Test Systems Leaflet