Design Services

Embedded++™ offers the complete set of services you need to transform an idea into a manufacturable product. Embedded++™ services cover all steps of the design cycle including:

•    Requirements analysis
•    Architecture design
•    Hardware implementation
•    Embedded software implementation
•    Industrial design and electro-mechanical co-design
•    Design for EMC
•    Design for manufacture and test
•    Prototyping
•    Automated test solutions

Why to choose Embedded++™?

Quality – Trust - Experience –Innovation
Staying at the top is all about hard work. Every day our team of young and dynamic engineers is giving their best to push the-state-of-the-art forward.

Do you have an idea, but not the resources to realize it? Do you need only certain parts in the development chain to be done outside? Within our “Perfection in Embedded Design” concept you can either select the exact service you need or do embedded One-Stop-Shopping if you want a turnkey solution from us. Our experienced design team of 27 engineers and our in-house capabilities enable us to handle even the most demanding projects.

For a detailed overview of our services see our technology profile provided at the right site of this page.

Are you looking for an experienced company? IMPT has more than 20 years of experience in embedded systems design and more than 10 years of experience on the international market working with clients from different countries such as Germany, UK, US, Norway and Russia. During that time we developed numerous leading-edge embedded products (see recent projects). Since 2011 IMPT is a member of Texas Instruments Design House network of established and well-respected companies.

Are you looking for a business partner whom you can trust? Our transparent development process and management methodologies enable our clients to extensively track the project in each step of the development phase. Depending on the kind of development agreement we can deliver even weekly reports about the progress of the project.

Is quality something you care a lot about? We commit ourselves to highest quality standards and certified project management methods.  Close customer cooperation, ISO 9001 Quality management system, IT Mark quality certificate, CMMI for Development Maturity Level 2, agile development practices (Scrum-like methodology), well-developed verification checklists, proven data management and backup procedures ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

Partner network
Providing just embedded electronics design to our clients is not enough for us. We want them to be care-free. Do you need anything else which is not directly related to embedded design? Contact us – through our broad partner network we can for sure find a solution.

Our partner network includes:
•    Antonije Djordjevic, internationally recognized EMC expert
•    Nikola Knezevic, international award-winning industrial designer
•    Serbian ICT-NET cluster
•    Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Belgrade
•    IRITEL, leading EMS provider in Serbia

The Perfection in Embedded Design concept



Technological Profile