Solution Hunters

When you see members of our design team for the first time, you will most probably think of them as an ordinary group of people. In most respects they really are. Just ordinary engineers. Nothing special about them.

But, when they start to work on a new challenging project, an extraordinary transformation begins to take place. In a matter of hours, this group of individuals becomes a unified team with common goal and vision. Their real-life persona steps out, while their engineering alter-ego takes the stage, empowered by experience and expertise. These engineering giants are there to save the day and make your product extraordinary.

However the people on the picture are only a part of our fantastic team. Our company has 42 employees of which 27 are working in the core development team.


Mirjana Stojilovic

Embedded Systems Architecture

Mirjana Stojilović understands easily any problem presented to her. Her clear understanding of the problem is the first step towards proper definition of it, and when she successfully define the problem, nothing is impossible.

As an embedded systems architect Mirjana is the universal talent and domain expert. She is the one that generates architectural building blocks out of the initial idea. Our clients are stunned how she easily translates requirement specifications to architectural descriptions of the devices.

Marko Pavlovic

High-speed Hardware Design

Marko Pavlović is a young and ambitious project leader. With his fresh and modern approach to project management, he’s able to successfully bridge all differences in the team, unifying it for the common goal.

Marko’s specialty is the design of high performance hardware systems. He’s the one that takes care of architecture, selection of components, schematic, performing simulations and PCB design. He enjoys most the moment when prototyping and testing is successfully done and the hardware is confirmed to be fully functional. Then you can find him as relaxed as on the picture.

Srdjan Radulovic

Software Development

Srđan Radulović is always emitting positive vibrations that make people around him happy. Flexible by his nature, he's always there when other members of the team need help. He likes to do sports in his free time, especially team games.

Srđan is passionate for embedded programming in all kind of languages. Programming in Linux and Android is for him what is for other people taking their dog for a relaxed walk – exploring new things together and deeply understanding each other. He knows a great deal about embedded systems, as he was developing systems ranging from low level FPGA and microcontroller based designs to complex multi board designs.

Milan Oklobdzija

System Design

Milan Oklobdžija is like a prototype of an outstanding engineer. He’s an exact and detailed person, and at the same time very cautious with his estimates. He employs these attributes of his character every day in order to make people around him aware of all the facts and focused on the work that needs to be done.

As an engineer Milan is the prime company’s embedded systems all-rounder.
There is nothing that he isn’t familiar with in the development cycle: from system design, embedded software and hardware development, to device drivers or automated test systems. Innovative ideas always cross his mind, having their roots in his wide knowledge and experience.

Marko Nikolic

Digital Signal Processing

Marko Nikolić is a very bright and dedicated person. When he’s in charge, the problem cannot last for long. He solves problems in real-time.

Marko’s job is everything related to image and signal processing, drivers and software. He’s using his mathematical knowledge as the best tool for solving engineering problems. His ability to successfully employ algorithm theory and math to provide easy solution to difficult problems impresses everybody around him. Over ten years of experience make him rule the DSP world in our company.

Nenad Antonic

Quality Assurance

Nenad Antonić is a cunning person, no detail can pass by him unnoticed and no task can remain unsolved, no matter how difficult it is. He’s keen to transfer his knowledge to younger team members, turning them from rookies into full fledged developers in no time.

Nenad is our quality manager and the most experienced member of the team. The huge number of projects he handled in his career make him very detailed and systematic. When working on new projects he passionately takes care that all phases of the project reach highest quality standards. Freely adapted from Murphy’s Law, our favorite sentence about Nenad is: “If something goes wrong, then Nenad hasn’t been working on that project”.

Milan Radulovic


Signal Integrity and EMC

Milan Radulović is a young engineer, with excellent ideas and strong drive to implement them. He’s able to solve most difficult problems with his smile and never ending high spirit.

Milan’s job as EMC and signal integrity expert is to solve complex electromagnetic problems and design high-speed hardware on the schematic level. Under his control, all signals are made to follow the right shape. He is the master of “black magic” when it comes to solving EMC problems and cannot keep his hands off the oscilloscope until the signals behave just like he wants them to.